Electronic Literature Kiosks:

Exhibit show literature is a time consuming, costly and wasteful activity.  Research shows that over 90% of all literature taken from an exhibit booth never leaves the attendee's hotel room.  Eliminate the waste, dramatically lower the costs and enhance the value of providing literature to your customers with the PRMconnect E-Literature system.  Using simple touchscreen kiosks scattered throughout your environment, attendees can swipe their conference badges or optionally use the pop-up keyboard to enter or update their contact information.  They can then browse the available literature with a lightning fast and easy to use system.  Once they identify literature they would like to read, a simple tap is all they need to do to have a PDF of that item sent directly to their inbox.  There is no limit to the number of kiosks allowed and you don't need "live" internet connections on the show floor.  You control the literature shown to attendees via a simple internet based administration tool.  Upload new/changed information right up to the day of the show!