Take a look at our revolutionary E-Literature system

Eliminate Printing Costs
Eliminate Shipping Costs
Eliminate paper waste
Eliminate print lead times

Instantly gather sales lead data

Collect individual product interests

Facilitate instant feedback TO and FROM from your customers as part of the literature delivery system

Online or Offline modes

Technology Solutions for Live & Virtual Events
PRMconnect offers robust, affordable, flexible and brandable technology solutions developed for the exhibits and events industries.
We help you exhibit greatness. Our subscription model makes a wide range of powerful software solutions available to you at an extremely affordable rate. No additional staff or IT support is needed: The right tools for your marketing activities can add value to your participant relationships starting today.

What is PRM? PRM is Participant Relationship Management, a process that uses technology solutions to help you gather information about your customers and act on it in ways that enhance your connections with them.

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Effective. Immediately. Our Participant Relationship Management solutions bring value to customers and to your business. Customers have a satisfying interaction with you and your event. You gain business insight. We leverage world-class technology solutions across our subscriber base, with an implementation that is unique to your event, exhibit, or marketing activity.

Our Model: Subscription Software. This is a "pay as you go" approach to providing powerful solutions that would otherwise be much more costly. There is no installation frustration, no hardware to buy, no extra staff required. Subscription Software allows you to tailor your software spend to your business needs.

We manage the technology so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Our turnkey solutions get you up and running fast so your teams, partners and customers are connected. 24 X 7 X 365, anywhere.